10 tattoos that will make your mother happy

As a general rule, mothers do not usually like the tattoos that their children get very much, although there are exceptions, it is true. However, if you want to make her happy with your tattoo of her, better stop dragons and spiders and look at our proposals of her. I’m sure you’ll love them!

We offer you a wide variety of tattoos: from minimalist drawings to more complicated ones; inspired by nature or your family… However, all of them have a great emotional charge.

The tattoos that your mother will also want to get

Take note of these beautiful tattoos that will make your mother so excited.

  • Your mother’s name or initial

Nothing better to keep her happy with a tattoo than to pay tribute to her. Tattooing your mother’s name or her de Ella initial de Ella is a most beautiful gesture and she will surely love that you preach your love for her like this.

  • Elephants

Mom elephants take care of their little ones like no other, so getting a tattoo of a calf next to her mother is a good way to refer to her love for you. But she will also love a minimalist tattoo like the one below that we show you.

  • Grandparents

Nor will it put any problem for you to have a tattoo in honor of your grandparents, their parents.

  • Flowers

If there is one thing that scares mothers, it is that their children’s tattoos are ‘ugly’. By tattooing some flowers you will avoid that thought and surely he will be much happier that you have tattooed some beautiful roses, carnations, lavender… Whatever you like best!

  • Heart

The same happens with the hearts, which are beautiful and that’s why they like them. If you also explain to her that she represents how much you love her she even becomes someone else.

  • Birds

Tattoos of birds in flight or perched on a branch are usually also one of their favorites because of how beautiful they are on the skin.

  • Siblings

If you and all your brothers decide those will be happy that you show your bond that way.

  • Moon

The moon is the feminine symbol par excellence, so she will be delighted that you claim the fact of being a woman, like her.

  • Pets

She also ended up losing your although at first she was not very happy with having another living being at home. If you tell her de Ella you’re going to get a tattoo of her de Ella in her honor she will be delighted.

  • His favorite song

Another tattoo that he will love is that you tattoo the lyrics of that song that he sang to you when you were little.

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