Tattoo ideas for shy people

Depending on how your personality is, some tattoos suit you more than others. For example, if you are a reserved person, you surely love small, minimalist-style drawings or those tattoos that can be placed in discreet places. Here are 10 perfect tattoo ideas for shy people.

Ideal tattoos for shy

A phrase for your tattoo

You will surely love phrase tattoos because they help you express yourself and help others see who you are without having to talk too much. Choose a simple typeface and wear it in a visible place like your forearm.

Moon tattoo

Thermionic is mysterious by definition so it goes perfectly with your shy nature. Surely many of the people around you think that you are a mystery and that tattoo will help to increase that aspect of you. Where would you get this tattoo?

Tattoo of a letter

Initials are also perfect for you because it is a beautiful way to have a tattoo that refers to someone you care about without everyone who sees it knowing exactly who it refers to. Whose handwriting was the first that came to your mind?

Tattoo with numbers

The same goes for number tattoos, they can mean anything that only you know and that will surely baffle whoever knows you.

Insect tattoo

Insect tattoos, especially those of bees, are becoming more and more fashionable because they can say a lot about your personality and your way of understanding life without you having to explain yourself.

Geometric tattoo

Geometric shapes also express different things and one of the most mysterious is the triangle since, depending on the culture, it represents several different concepts. In addition to being pretty, they are super discreet.

Line tattoo

Line tattoos, whether straight, curved, or arrow-shaped, represent a way forward and are so simple that they are suitable for shy girls.

Flower tattoo

Tattoos are always a safe option. In this case, we recommend a small bouquet, with only one type of flower, and in black and white. You’ll love it.

White ink tattoo

These are perfect if you want to wear something larger or smaller and hardly anyone sees it. They look great in small shapes like letters or flowers.

Cat tattoo

Cats are the animals that best represent you. They are also shy but very interesting. This tattoo will enchant all those who live with a kitty.

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