Tattoos and sports: can I go to the gym after getting a tattoo?

More and more people are encouraged to get a beautiful design on their skin, among them, sports fans, and that is when the same question as you comes to mind, can you go to the gym after doing a tattoo? We tell you the recommendations and precautions that you should take into account if you have just had a tattoo and you are thinking about playing sports. Watch out!

Can I play sports if I just got a tattoo?

As you already know, especially if it is not your first tattoo when you get a tattoo of whatever size, you have to follow a series of steps so that it heals well and there is no risk of infection. One of those steps is exercise-oriented inside or outside the gym. You should wait a few days before doing any sport to ensure that the skin and muscles do not stretch more than necessary and the tattoo is harmed. But there is still more.

The sun and sweat are the main enemies of a recent tattoo, so take care of it as much as possible, cover it with a bandage, wash as indicated in the studio where you got it done, and avoid exercise for a few days. And nothing to bathe in pools or the sea! Chlorine from the pool and salt from the sea can also lead to infection as well as deterioration of tattoo ink.

And when the 5 days have passed…

  • Once the 5 days recommended by the experts have passed, the tattoo is still freshly done, so you should follow these tips:
  • Monitor the appearance of the skin after performing the exercise and observe that there is no sign of irritation.
  • The sport you do should be moderate, avoiding excessive stretching of the tattooed skin area.
  • Put aside, until the tattoo is completely healed, contact sports, it will be so that you do not run the risk of abrasion on the skin.
  • Wash and moisturize the skin after leaving the gym, the more careful it is, the less risk of infection there will be.

Extra tips to take care of your new tattoo

  • Once the issue of tattoos and the gym has been clarified, we can only remember the care to follow so that your new tattoo heals and heals properly.
  • Wash the tattooed skin area with antibacterial soap and warm water and do it for 5 or 6 weeks, which is the average time it takes for a tattoo to heal. In turn, use the moisturizer that the tattoo artist recommended, especially if it is an antibacterial ointment.
  • Cover the tattoo with a bandage to prevent the sun from hitting it and this rule is especially valid for summer (don’t forget the sunscreen with a minimum factor of 30) but also for the rest of the year.
  • If you notice something unusual such as swelling, itching, or fever, see your doctor, they are signs of a possible infection. If you choose a center that has basic standards and the tattoo is well cared for, there does not have to be this type of problem, however, it is important to know how to recognize the signs to act as soon as possible.

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