Tattoos of the Virgin of Guadalupe: meaning and types of tattoos

The Virgin of Guadalupe, the protector of the poor, is very popular in many Latinos as well as Catholic cultures. That is why more and more men and women are encouraged to make tattoos of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Do you know the meaning and the different types of tattoos that exist? Before deciding on your, read what we tell you in our post.

Tattoo of the Virgin of Guadalupe, what types are there and what is their meaning?

Guadalupe Tattoo designs are very common in Mexico. It is a way of paying homage to said Virgin and of taking it next to her to her as a protective amulet. With a Catholic tradition deeply rooted in various cultures, every December 12 a very special tribute is paid to him in which hundreds of pilgrims visit the Basilica of Guadalupe.

What do the tattoos of the Virgin of Guadalupe mean? What types or representations are there? Let’s see it!

A tattoo of the Virgin of Guadalupe represents unconditional love

The most common tattoos of the Virgin of Guadalupe are those that show a well-designed image of folded hands, bowed head, and half-closed eyes. It’s of her is the unconditional love of this Virgin towards her people and of all believers towards her. At the same time, it speaks of hope, protection, and protection in the most difficult moments.

Guide and good luck charm

  • A tattoo of this style is also used as a good luck charm as well as a kind of guide to try to always go on the right path, either with actions or through thoughts. These designs show the beliefs of those who wear them as well as their devoted spirit.
  • On occasions, the Virgin wears a black cross around her neck to refer to all the cultures that pay homage to her and of which she is a faithful protector.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is a religious and cult symbol

  • If the image is represented with hands joined, it is a religious symbol, if it also has brown skin; it is a Latino icon or a mixture of the white and indigenous races. Many times with rays of light as if it were an eclipse to show all its power that does not herald anything other than a new era.
  • His slightly bowed head and his serious facial expression express that he does not belong only to the divine world but also to his people from whom he expects nothing more than a kind and humble attitude.

Tattoo of the Virgin with roses

The tattoos of the Virgin of Guadalupe accompanied by some roses speak of the miracle that the Virgin worked when she told a man to build a church for her and the town. To do this, she had to pick some roses in the middle of winter and offer them to the priest to make him see that the miracle was going to work.

Tattoo of the Virgin of Guadalupe with stained glass window

The tattoo of this popular virgin can be done in soft colors and also in gray and black, in the latter case, she is usually represented with the roses of before, the sacred mantle, a sad, meditative face as well as a serious countenance and the stained glass window that covers the figure and that is a kind of protection towards herself.back is usually chosen to carry out the tattoo because it is large.

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