What do baby bottle tattoos mean?

Baby bottle tattoos are becoming among new parents. This is a type of tattoo that is often used to honor or show love for a small child or baby. Many times they are designed alone or are accompanied by other elements that give the tattoo a very special meaning. Do you want to know them all?

Baby bottle tattoos: what do they mean?

Feeding bottles are objects especially attached, since they are the ones who normally use them. Baby bottle tattoos can be full or empty, be of different colors,  and be accompanied by other elements. Find out what they mean in each case.

Colors in baby bottle tattoos

Usually, if the bottle is blue, it refers to a boy and, if it is pink, to a girl. However, these gender stereotypes associated with colors are becoming more and more out of fashion, and now parents tattoo bottles or pacifiers in the color that their children like best or in one that reminds them of a bottle that they have used. Normally the color is only applied to the neck of the bottle, that part that joins the nipple to the body. The rest can be transparent, although sometimes some color or effect can also be applied to it.

Full and empty baby bottles

  • Baby bottle tattoos are not usually completely empty. The most common is that they are filled with milk, which is the main food for children, although they can also carry water, depending on the wishes of the bearer. Typically, these choices respond to a desire to better reflect the tastes of the child or some special memory that the father treasures.
  • On the other hand, some people prefer to ‘fill’ their baby bottles with other elements such as the child’s toys, his portrait, a name… It is an original way of completing a tattoo and giving it much more personality.

Baby Bottle Tattoos and Names

  • It is also very common for baby bottle tattoos to be accompanied by. In this way, the designs can be tenderer and, in addition, be more representative of the little person to which they refer.
  • There are several ways to include a baby’s name in a baby bottle tattoo. You can put it to the side, vertically, below, or horizontally. You can also place it inside the bottle or on the neck as if it were the brand or even hanging on a label.

Baby Bottles and Toys Tattoos

Baby bottle tattoos can go with other designs. One of the most common is bows and also pacifiers, although any other element like flowers, cars, balls…  Any typical toy for a small child is a good idea. The logical thing, in this case, would be to accompany the bottle with a toy that the child we want to represent with that tattoo likes.

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